Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grand Rapids 6-14-08

These are some pictures from a summer shoot I did in downtown Grand Rapids. These pics were taken around midnight.

This picture was taken from the Western pedestrian Bridge. I think this is the most flattering view from anywhere in the city. I've shot a lot of pictures from this same spot and they all turn out different.
grand rapids
(grand rapids)

This is a picture of the blue pedestrian bridge in downtown Grand Rapids. For this shot I was actually standing in the Grand River with flip flops on. I set up my tripod in the water and very carefully took some shots. This is a long exposure image taken over the span of 30 seconds. This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken downtown.
grand rapids pedestrian bridge
(Grand Rapids Pedestrian Bridge)

This is a picture of the Grand Rapids Museum. The picture was taken from the Pearl Street Bridge. The bridge in the picture is the blue pedestrian bridge.
grand rapids museum
(Grand Rapids Museum)

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